The Blog

First things first: why call my blog Loose with Keys? Well, the name started as a joke about how I’ve lost my keys a couple of times. Then I realized that my being “loose with keys” had a second meaning–an inability to limit my writing.

That’s the essence of this blog. To say that I might write about anything is a gross simplification of what it is I want to accomplish. Yet, somehow that captures it perfectly because neatly fitting into a niche would stifle me.

Who doesn’t want to write about regaining the same five pounds and their quarter-life crisis on the same space?

The real problem is finding suitable images to go with my posts…


The Blogger

“Describe yourself in ten words. Oh, and make it interesting or no one will like you.”

There isn’t much I can say here that isn’t spelled out across my posts. Cop-out answers are for the unimaginative, however, so here’s a Cliff-notes edition of who I am.

My name is Wendy and I like to defend against the interchangeable use of affect and effect. My sense of humor is both silly and sarcastic. I’m constantly trying to improve myself to counteract the ever-present fear that I’m wasting my time. Selfies don’t come easy to me, but I’m digging this creepy shot.

And for the curious, my favorite color is blue.


Email: wendywrotetoyou @ gmail.com

Feel free to drop me a line! Or twenty.


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